I have just written 1.000 pages on Amazon Kindle Store, and it feels good!

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Even though I do not have a heroic story to tell regarding my writer past, I do have some interesting facts, I would say. Stick with me and share your thoughts!😍😎

As far as I recall, started writing actively about at 19-years old, started before with diaries, suggestion of a professor to handle emotions and to enhance my physical writing, pretty bad at the time. Unfortunately, the physical writing did not improve, but it helped me to handle emotions in a better way; I still write diaries from time to time, to handle emotions.

My first book, completed, not published, was about 22-years old, it was a sequence of books since then; none published, my current books were written to be published. Sometimes I wonder whether write to publish could influence my creativity, and writer honesty. Meditations was a diary, Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor, was writing to himself, now to the world!

Never stopped writing. Even though I am an engineer, I do enjoy romances, loved poems and literature, see my poems to Ukraine; my first books were poems and romance, my last one before the ones on Amazon was a middle term: science and romance.

The most concerning part about accepting publicly who you are is that you pay the price: in science, writers are badly seen. Scientists may deny, but they consider all writing as fiction, like, “you do not belong here”, they may most likely say as inner voice. I kept as a secret for years my writing abilities, just mentioning to close friends and people I trusted, I was ashamed of my ability to write, to write about fiction.

Until, it became hard to go on just publishing technical papers. I want to express my creativity phenix in all its espectrum.

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It was one year of hard work. And it was funny. Sometimes I wonder how painful it would be if I HAD to write, like, you have no choice. And makes me wonder how pleasant work can be if you find your Ikigai, as the japaneses like to call it.

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That is relativity.” Einstein

Elizabeth won her battle against writer blockage by reminding why she writes
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Jorge Guerra Pires, PhD

Jorge Guerra Pires, PhD

Independent Researcher and writer at Amazon. Visit my profile on Amazon: amazon.com/author/jorgeguerrapiresphd | “I want thinkers, not followers!”